A few more wins!
After more than 25 years of coaching baseball and softball and using many different types of scouting-systems, we have created what we think is the most effective and usable tool for almost all levels of play.

This system helped us win a few really tight games over the last few years because we knew more about the other team than they did about us. We only collect and filter information that we are able to use effectively in a game. Very precise information and only information that really helps to detect the weaknesses of the other team's players.
We no longer need to HOPE that our catcher knows how to pitch a certain hitter, we KNOW that our catcher HAS the right information!

Due to the big spray-chart we are no longer using senseless information like '..this hitter hits a lot to leftfield, be aware out there..' (I really hope our outfielder does not need to be reminded to be aware). We now can precisely tell our players where to stand to have the greatest chance to make the play on that certain hitter. So precisely, that our fielder has a better chance to be at the ball that 'one step' earlier than without this information.
So you have a few more outs because your battery KNOWS how to pitch a hitter and a few more outs because your fielder KNOWS where to stand to make the play. A few more outs (especially in tight games) can cause a few more wins per season just by using quality information.
The more information you collect about a player, the more precise this information becomes. Even after 2-3 at bats, with most hitters, you already see clear tendencies.

We have been successfully using this system for a few years and have come up with a few more wins every season and are certian we would not have won these games without this information.

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